Latest Updates on Afghanistan 20 December 2018; Battle in Ghazni and Nangarhar

Saturday 22 December 2018 - 09:08

Latest updates on battles of Ghazni and Nangarhar and brother of leader of Haqqani group release disclaim

1. Clearing Khugiani city Nangarhar province from Taliban
According to local officials of Nangarhar , due to security forces operation, Khugiani and 12 areas around it are cleared from Taliban.


2. Ghazni:
Taliban occupying Jaghtu, has upper hand over five roads of Ghazni, i.e., Jaghtu, Nahur, Malestan, Ajrestan and Jaghuri.

Recently Taliban occupied Qiyaq valley passage and people cannot use the passage.


3. During the last two days, the Government released nine of Haqqani network leaders including younger brother of the head in framework of the president peace way plan.

Abudullah Abudllah disclaimed release of him.

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