Releasing east Ghutah and Badiya Al-Sham captives; a positive transformation towards de-escalation zone in suburb of Damascus

Saturday, 2 September 2017 - 12:03

Yesterday, 25 militant and civilian captives (including 5 children and 4 women) were freed from Jaysh al-Islam prison during an exchange between Syrian army and Jaysh al-Islam in east Ghuta.

Today, Ali Haluw, a pilot was freed, along with 31 of Syrian army. They had been captured by Aswad Al-Sharqia forces (protected by US) during Badia Al-Sham operations.
All these show that regions around the capital of Syria are going to have a more stable peace and final phases of war are appearing. Except for east Ghutah which observes some operations for sake of east suburb of Damascus, regions such as south suburb of Damascus and east Qalamoun are ready to make some national compromises and have more stability and peace.
Photos: Ali Haluw and other freed captives of Syrian army; List of 25 exchanged captives in east Ghutah.


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