Kurds Released Their List of Demands from Syrian Government

Saturday 19 January 2019 - 22:41

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Democratic Federation of Northern Syria (DFNS) released a list of requests which will be submitted to Damascus in future negotiation.

The list was published by Hawar News Agency which is close to Democratic Union Party (PYD).


1- Unity of the Syrian land;

2- The system in Syria is a democratic republic, and Autonomous Administration is part of this system;

3- Autonomous Administrations have representatives in parliament in the center of Damascus, through their representatives;

4- Along with the Syrian flag, there should be flags representing Autonomous Administrations;

5- Diplomacy in the areas of Autonomous Administrations does not go contrary to the interests of the Syrian people and constitution;

6- Syrian Democratic Forces are part of the Syrian army, which is responsible for protecting the Syrian border;

7- The Internal Security Forces in the areas of Autonomous Administration operate according to the local councils in a manner that does not contradict with the Syrian constitution;

8- Learning in the mother tongue is the basis of education in the areas of Autonomous Administration, and Arabic is the official language throughout Syria;

9- In Autonomous Administration areas, education in local languages is taught in faculties of history, culture, languages, literature and the like;

10- Distributing the Syrian wealth to the Syrian regions in a fair manner.


Negotiations between Kurds and Damascus have intensified after US. announced their evacuation from Syria.
It is said DFNS has sent the list to Russia, too.

The Syrian Government has not yet responded to this issue.


Areas under DFNS administration

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