Latest Updates on Afghanistan 30 January 2019; US. Negotiations with Taliban and Peace Agreement in Afghanistan

1. US. Negotiations with Taliban and Peace Agreement in Afghanistan

According to Reuters report, after several days of negotiations between Taliban and US emissary with Zalmay Khalilzad as head in Doha, Qatar, some small items were agreed on.

However since the negotiations ended and neither side released statements, it seems Afghanistan peace negotiations did not go well.
On the other hand, Zabihullah Mujahid, Taliban Spokesperson rejecting some media’s news regarding US troops leaving Afghanistan over a period of 18 months, said Taliban and USA did not agree upon it.
US-Taliban negotiations made many Afghan politicians to react. Specialists believe to reach a stable peace agreement, whole region need to agree on it and presence of a few officials from Saudi Arabia, Emirates and Qatar is not enough for a stable agreement.


2. Herat:
In an operation by Afghanistan National Army in Shindand, Herat province 28 Taliban members killed and three of their bases were destroyed.


3. In 2018 in total 6687 Afghan citizens were killed or wounded.

Among them 2615 were killed and 4072 wounded, reported by Civilians Protection Advocacy Group.


4. Balkh:
In a security operation by the Army in Margin Tappa region Balkh 20 Taliban members including a local commander were killed.


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