Latest Updates on Pakistan and Afghanistan, 29 February 2019; War in Kashmir

Friday 1 March 2019 - 14:48

India and Pakistan engagements in Kashmir and USA-Taliban negotiations

1. Kashmir:
– Indian Army fired eastern borders of Islam Abad.
– India accepting Pakistan’s offer, demanded its pilot’s freedom.
– Indian officials stated they accept Imran Khan’s offer for ceasefire and in response for a joint investigation about terrorist attack in Pulwama Kashmir, demand Indian pilot whose plane was shot down and has been arrested by Pakistan.
– Imran Khan: To show Pakistan’s good intentions, the Indian pilot will bee released tomorrow (Friday).


2. Qandhar:
Taliban proclaimed to claim Ma’ruf.


3. Ghazni:
Due to mistake air raid by Afghan Airforce in Jaghuri, 8 security forces are martyred and 4 wounded.


4. Zabihullah Mujahid Taliban’s spokesperson:
– Peace negotiations between USA and Taliban representatives were halted for two days and will resume on Saturday. US soldiers leaving Afghanistan was discussed intensively on Wednesday summit.
– We reject statements and news related to Taliban regarding tension between India and Pakistan. (A while ago, amid Pakistan and India tension, some media proclaimed Taliban supported Pakistan and said: continuation of this situation will have impact on the region and will result in expensive costs for India.)

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