Latest Updates on Afghanistan, Pakistan and Kashmir, 6 April 2019; Taliban Attacking Badghis

Sunday 7 April 2019 - 06:45

India and Pakistan sporadical engagements, Bala Morgab and Ab Kamari are about to fall

1. Kashmir:
Pakistan’s border guard artillery attack to India’s border, 5 Indian soldiers killed.

Indian border troops also attacked areas at Pakistan’s border such as Sirian village which resulted in 6 civilians injured.


2. Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry:
360 Indian prisoners (355 fishermen and 5 citizens) whose convicts are over will be freed.
The first group will be released on 8 April.


3. Ghazni:
– Taliban continuing attacks to Ghazni, Andar and Ab Band. Due to these attacks, 31 members of Taliban are killed or injured.


4. Badghis:
– Taliban engaging security forces in Bala Morgab after several days has reached commanding post of the city. Some sources proclaiming fall of the commanding post.
– Security officials of Afghanistan rejected news that Taliban has occupied Ab Kamari and claimed the retreats were tactical.

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