Latest Updates on Afghanistan, Pakistan and Kashmir 11 May 2019

Sunday 12 May 2019 - 10:13

Latest news from Afghanistan frontline and ISIS Emergence in Kashmir

1. Pakistan:
Suicide terrorist attack to Sheikh Ali Hujwiri shrine (one of oldest Sufic shrines in Lahore) resulted in 10 dead and 20 injured on Wednesday 8 May.
Jamaat-ul-Ahrar, a branch of Pakistan Taliban, took responsibility of it.


2. Afghanistan:
– 3 Taliban members attacked “Counterpart International institute” in Kabul; the first person detonated himself, then two others entered the building and engaged with security forces for hours.
In the security operation, 92 staff of Counterpart International, who were hostages, were released and 15 injured transported to the hospital.
Counterpart International is an American institute collaborating with “United States Agency for International Development”(USAID) in Afghanistan.
– Due to Taliban attacking Khajah Baha al Din city, Takhar province, 10 security forces martyred and 2 wounded.
– Due to Taliban attacking Bala Murghab city, Badghis province, 12 security forces martyred and 10 wounded.


3. Kashmir:
– ISIS attacked Indian Army forces in Shubian area of Kashmir resulted in death and injury of some Indian soldiers. This is the first ISIS attack in Kashmir and India.

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