Latest Updates on Afghanistan and Pakistan, 14 May 2019

1. Meidan Wardak:
– Taliban’s attack to Kajab region of Behsud city repelled by people’s mobilization.
2. Daykandi:
– Due to Taliban’s attack to Pato city 5 security forces are martyred and 5 wounded.
3. Sare Pol:
Due to Taliban’s attack to security forces watch post in Sare Pol capital, 7 martyred and 5 wounded and 2 captured.
4. Nangarhar:
– Due to 4 terrorist explosions in Jalal Abad city 4 people martyred and 20 wounded.
5. Balkh:
– Taliban’s attack to Pole Bangale and villages Chahar Sang and Samarqandian in Chamtal city was repelled by security forces.
6. Pakistan:
– Due to an armed group attacking a 5 star hotel in Gwadar harbor, Baluchestan province one security guard and four attackers were killed.

So-called “Balochistan Liberation Army” took responsibility of the attack. Guests of the hotel are mainly Chinese businessmen. China has invested 62 billion dollars in expanding silk road and transportation and energy projects until Qwadar harbor of Pakistan.
– Terrorist explosion in Quetta city, Baluchestan province resulted in 4 killed and 12 wounded.


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