More Details About EU Embargo On Arms Sales To Saudi Arabia

Friday, 15 September 2017 - 11:37

Al-Jazeera released additional deatails about a EU-wide arms embargo against Saudi Arabia in response to the Gulf state’s heavy bombing campaign in Yemen.

According to the decision, any EU member state that signs a military and weapon sale agreement with the Saudi government will be sanctioned by other members of the EU.

The European Parliament at their meeting in Strasbourg, France has approved an arms embargo on Saudi Arabia to protest against the country’s actions in Yemen.

The decision came amid the Human Rights Watch report about a death of 39 civilians, including 26 children, as a result of the Saudi-led coalition air strikes during last two months.

The Human Rights Watch has also requested the UN human Rights Council to include the Saudi-led coalition into the annual list of child rights violators.

The EU is the second-largest weapon exporter after the US in the world.

Translation by SouthFront

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