Latest Updates on Afghanistan 10 July 2019

Thursday 11 July 2019 - 15:44

Latest news from Daykundi, Ghor, Herat, Paktia, Zabul frontlines and Taliban terrorist attack on Ghazni

1- Ghazni:
The casualties of Taliban attack on Shamir district of Ghazni city raised to 4 martyrs and 149 wounded, including 40 children.(image)
2- Herat:
Due to Taliban attack on a security post of Khaf-Herat railroad, 6 forces killed and 6 other were wounded.
3- Zabul:
Due to Taliban attack on a security post in the Shajoy district, 7 members of Taliban killed and 5 other were wounded.
4- Daykundi:
Despite the semi-siege of Kajran by Taliban forces, people of the region have united and in the recent clashes near 30 members of Taliban were killed. Kajran is one of the Shia populated areas of Afghanistan.
5- Ghor:
According to local officials, during the recent days the Taliban forces have attacked Ghor-Kabul road and if the attacks continue, the center of this region will be encircled.
6- Paktia:
Afghanistan Army operation in the two districts of Dandaptan and Chamkani. Locals says this operations are useless and Taliban will return to the area after Army’s operation.

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