Activity Increase and Construction in Airbase T4 in Homs Desert

Thursday 5 September 2019 - 20:54

ISWNews Analysis Group: Syrian Army is expanding the infrastructure in T4 airbase in Homs desert.

According to satellite images of T4 airbase, the southern runway has been stretched from 3200 to 3750 m and a new runway is being built.
It is noteworthy that T4 is one of the largest airbases of the Syrian Amy that hosts Russian and Iranian forces. During the Syrian war, T4 had an influential role in fighting against terrorists.
Last year a large part of Iran’s supply center moved from Damascus airport to T4 in Homs. In early years of Syria war, Iran brought substantial amount of troops and equipment to Damascus airport and surrounding area to fight terrorism and helping Syrian Army. But recently with the improvement of the situation of the Syrian army and also due to Israeli attacks and the situation of south of Syria, to avoid future incidents, a large part of these troops and equipment moved to T4.
According to latest information, the Russian Army have deployed four Su-25 warplanes, some military helicopters and drones in the T4 airbase. The airport also hosts Iranian drones.

Satellite image of Damascus airport published by Israeli satellite company.

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