Syrian Joint Chief of Staff statement regarding Israel air raid to Damascus

Tuesday 9 January 2018 - 23:55

Islamic World News Analysis group reports that in early hours of today, Israeli fighters attack to some points in Syria again and Syrian Army only confines to interception of missiles and a statement.

The statement issued by Syrian Joint Chief of Staff is as follows:

“Israeli fighters at 2:40 fire some missiles from Lebanese airspace toward Al Qutayfah area near Damascus which are intercepted and one fighter is shot down.

At 3:05 Israel fires two Surface-to-Surface Missiles (SSM) from occupied Golan again which are intercepted by SAMs.

At 4:15 Zionist enemy fires four SSMs from occupied Tiberias from which one is intercepted and three hit the ground near a military place which cause some property damages.”

Syrian Army Chief of Staff considers the goal of these attacks to increase the spirit of terrorists supported by Israel who have been defeated severely in Idlib governorate and Harasta and Beit Jinn.


He also warns Israel about aftermath of these attacks and emphasizes on legal right of Syria to answer and bring safety to Syrian soil.

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