A glance at overall situation of fronts in southeastern Idlib, northern Hama and southern Aleppo; map

Thursday 11 January 2018 - 00:03

Islamic World News Analysis Group; Abu Dhohur airbase is still occupied but most probably tomorrow is the liberation day for this strategic airbase.

Syrian Army under command of Suheil Hassan set an exceptional record in the history of war in Syria by reaching Abu Dhohur airbase with a lightening pace.

An airbase which is in a strategic region and also reminds the valorous resistance of its defendants under siege, thus liberating this airbase has a high spiritual value for Syria.

Troops are near airbase right now and ready for the zero hour to liberate it.


In western Khanaser front, Resistance troops reduced their distance to Abu Dhohur airbase by liberating Ramlah, Mu’ayzila, Nawara, Rasm al Sheikh and Tal Sabha. Joining forces in this axis, the siege is complete and a wide area will be liberated.

Terrorists in this siege should leave before it is complete or stay and be ready for death.

The situation of ISIS is obvious …


Today morning Resistance troops advance in south of Abu Ruwayl in southern Aleppo; although these attacks look more like fake attack, nevertheless no liberated land could be confirmed.


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