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Saturday 19 August 2023 - 13:42

Latest Updates On Syria, 19 August 2023

1- Aleppo:On August 10, the Syrian army targeted the positions of militants in the villages of Al-Qasr, Kafr Taal, and Kafr Nouran located in western Aleppo Governorate by artillery shells.– 3 YPG commanders were killed in a drone attack by the Turkish army near Nubl and Al-Zahraa. 2- Idlib:On August 16, the Syrian army targeted […]

Thursday 22 June 2023 - 20:39

Latest Updates On Syria; 22 June 2023

Three members of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) were killed as a result of a roadside bomb explosion targeting their vehicle in Al-Karamah town in Raqqa Governorate

Tuesday 23 May 2023 - 13:45

Latest Updates On Syria, 23 May 2023 (Map)

ISWNews Analysis Group – A joint patrol by the Military Police of Russia and the Turkish Armed Forces was carried out in the western outskirts of the city of Ayn al-Arab (also known as Kobani), in the Aleppo Governorate, northern Syria.

Sunday 19 December 2021 - 17:22

Latest Updates on Syria, 19 December 2021 (Map Update)

ISWNews Analysis Group: Syrian Army forces prevented the passage of a US military convoy at a checkpoint in the village of Tala al-Dhahab on the southern outskirts of Qamishli and forced the American occupiers to retreat.

Thursday 2 December 2021 - 08:32

Latest Updates on Syria, 1 December 2021 (Map Update)

ISWNews Analysis Group: A logistical convoy of the American occupiers was targeted by a roadside bomb in the Malikiyah area of ​​Hasakah province, severely damaging two US military vehicles.

Friday 26 November 2021 - 09:11

Latest Updates on Syria, 25 November 2021 (Map Update)

ISWNews Analysis Group: Unidentified individuals fired four rockets at a US military base in the village of Kharab al-Jir, five kilometers from the Yarubiya border crossing in Hasakah province.