Latest Updates On Syria, 19 August 2023

Saturday 19 August 2023 - 13:42

1- Aleppo:
On August 10, the Syrian army targeted the positions of militants in the villages of Al-Qasr, Kafr Taal, and Kafr Nouran located in western Aleppo Governorate by artillery shells.
– 3 YPG commanders were killed in a drone attack by the Turkish army near Nubl and Al-Zahraa.

2- Idlib:
On August 16, the Syrian army targeted the positions of militants in Maarat Al-Nu’man by artillery shells.

3- Daraa:
– On August 9, an explosion in the Al-Balad neighborhood of Daraa city resulted in the martyrdom of one of Syrian senior security officials named Mustafa Qasim Al-Masalma, also known as al-Kassem, as well as two journalists named Firas Al-Ahmad and Ahmad Al-Masalma and several others.
– On August 15, two civilians were assassinated by unidentified armed individuals in the city of Tafas in Daraa Governorate.

4- Deir ez-Zor:
– On August 11, ISIS terrorists ambushed a bus carrying soldiers from the Syrian army’s 17th Division in the Al-Mayadeen desert, martyring at least 20 Syrian soldiers and injuring 10 others.
– On August 14, a member of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) was assassinated by unidentified armed individuals in the town of Al-Shuhayl.
– On August 17, a Syrian army security forces was assassinated near his house in al-Mayadeen city.

5- Al Hasakah:
On August 16, unidentified helicopters flew over the city of Al Hasakah. Further details have not been released.

6- Damascus:
On August 8, a car bomb exploded in the Youssef Al-Azma neighborhood in the suburbs of Damascus, severely injuring a local official who was transferred to a medical center.

7- On August 7, Israeli army fighter jets fired several missiles to hit targets in the outskirts of the Syrian capital, resulting in the martyrdom of four Syrian soldiers and injuring four others.

8- On August 3, the new spokesman for the ISIS terrorist group announced the killing of the group’s leader and the detention of its former spokesman by the Turkish intelligence agency.

9- The spokesman for the ISIS terrorist group issued an audio message, accusing Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham of being involved in the assassination of the ISIS leader. Following these remarks, Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham denied any involvement in the operation.

10- A media outlet close to militants announced that ISIS elements carried out at least 206 operations in Syrian territory this year, resulting in the martyrdom of 435 people.

11- Sources close to Syrian militants announced the establishment of a group called Burkan al-Furat (Euphrates Volcano) with the support of the US-led coalition to attack the Syrian army and the resistance axis in Deir ez-Zor Governorate.

12- According to information related to tensions and unrest in southern Syria, 366 Syrian soldiers, former members of militants, government officials, and so on were assassinated by unidentified armed individuals in southern Syria in 2022.

13- On August 17-18, a series of anti-government protests were reported in Suwayda and Daraa governorates in protest against the deteriorating living conditions. The protesters blocked several roads.

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