Latest updates on Afghanistan, 28 January 2020

Tuesday, 28 January 2020 - 23:45

Latest news on Afghan fronts and US plane crash in Ghazni

1. Baghlan
Due to Taliban’s attack to security forces HQs in Khaja Alwan area and Baghlan-Samangan road, ten soldiers were killed.
The commander of the forces in Khaja Alwan area was killed before by Taliban.

2. Abdullah Abdullah:
– Those who think the story ends with war and those who wait until all of part of foreign forces leave to win the war, are wrong.
– We are ready for peace and talk with anyone who is fighting with us.

UN: The responsibility of Balkh airstrike which resulted in death of four children and injury of two women is on security forces.

Bakhtullah Bakht, commander of local forces in Shahjoy district, Zabul province, was murdered in Arzan Qeimat area of Kabul. He was on holidays.
Taliban took the responsibility.

– Local sources claimed that Taliban prevented government forces to come close to the crash site of American plane.
– Reuters according to Ghazni chief of police said four people died and two injured in the crash of the plane but no news of their fate.

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