Tal al-Eis in south of Aleppo was liberated!

Saturday 8 February 2020 - 22:35

As we announced last night, after the advances of the Resistance forces and Syrian army in the south of Aleppo and north of Saraqib, terrorists in the region of Al Eis are in the situation of quasi-siege and was forced gradually withdraw from the region.

In the following, from today morning Syrian army and the Resistance forces with advancing in mentioned regions, were successful to release and clean the Al Eis and its important height, that after Arbaeen mountain is the second important height of the south of Aleppo. Tal Eis has a very good dominant view on the fields of south west of Aleppo.
Also villages and other regions like Mariudah, Tal Mamou, Tal Bajer, Banes, Kousnia, Rasm Al Saharij, Jab Kaas and Sheikh Ahmad were been released from occupation of Tahrir Al Sham terrorists and its allies.
Now, limited clashes and advances are continuing in the west of Tal Al Eis, and soon the Turkish observation post in Hazbat al-Khazra in the west of Tal Al Eis will be completely sieged by Syrian army, too.

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