Latest Updates on Afghanistan and Pakistan, 14 February 2020

Saturday, 15 February 2020 - 12:47

ISWNews Analysis Group: 11 civilians were killed in US air strike on the Sorkhrood town.

1. Qunduz:
Due to explosion of a landmine in a school in village of Dasht Archi district, 5 children killed and 3 other injured.

2. Latest updates on US-Taliban talks:
– Trump has announced the situation of peace with Taliban will be clear in the next two weeks.
– On February 14, the Pentagon claimed that the Taliban had agreed on a 7-day ‘decrease of violence’ amid the US-Taliban talks in Qatar.
– Mike Pompeo: Despite progress in negotiations with Taliban, still some steps have remained. The rate of violences should be reduced.
– After announcing the progress of Taliban-US negotiations, Hamed Karzai and Abdullah Abdullah emphasized on forming a comprehensive commission of all Afghan groups for inter-Afghan negotiations.

3. Sarepol:
Taliban killed five people of the Baghavi village under the pretext of separation from the Taliban group. It’s said that three of the dead have been members of the Taliban in the past and had recently surrendered to government forces.

4. Nangarhar:
11 civilians were killed in US air strike on the Sorkhrood town.

5. Pakistan:
– Receb Tayib Erdogan Turkish president traveled to Pakistan with a high level delegation. This trip has been done for spreading the two countries strategic cooperations.
– Hafez Saeed the leader of the Jamaat Al Dawa group (Lashkar Al Tayiba), was sentenced to five years prison, by Pakistani anti terrorism court.

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