Statement of Iran’s consultative center in Syria regarding Idlib incidents

Sunday 1 March 2020 - 12:05

ISWNews Analysis Group: Iran’s consultative center in Syria said they don’t revenge Turkey for the incidents of Idlib but…

Iran’s consultative center:
– We answered Syria’s army and government request regarding liberation of M5 highway so we participated.
– Forces who liberated M5 were under command of IRGC, Hezbollah and resistance groups.
– Resistance forces did not target Turkish forces due to respect for commander of the operation and we are still following this rule.
– In past four days, groups Tajik, Turkistan party and al Nusrah launched extensive attacks to Syrian army positions and our forces support the army. In despite of our defensive stance, Turkish army targeted us in ground and air.
– We sent messages to Turkish army through intermediary. But they continued bombing and martyred our forces.
– Syrian army answered by artillery and we haven’t responded directly. We told Turkish army that commander of the operation emphasized on political solutions regarding Syria and Turkey issues and we ordered our forces not to target Turkish forces.
– Turkish army continues bombing and we ask them to act wisely.
– We tell Turkish people that their children are within our reach and we can take revenge but withhold under command of the operation leader.
– We ask all sides to be wise and understand the dangers of the war.

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