Iraq’s intelligence service intriguing Kata’ib Hezbollah

Thursday 5 March 2020 - 10:14

ISWNews Analysis Group: Following whistleblowing by Kata’ib Hezbollah officials against Iraq’s intelligence, a suspicious media wave has arisen against Kata’ib Hezbollah’s official detention.

In recent days, Abu Ali -al-Askari, head of Kata’ib Hezbollah’s intelligence, accused Mustafa al-Kadhimi, head of Iraq’s intelligence service, to coordinate with US. regarding assassination of martyred commanders Haj Qassem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis.
This whistleblowing happened after the news released Mustafa al-Kadhimi is considered for prime ministry. Kata’ib Hezbollah considers his candidacy as war against Iraq.

It is said that al-Kadhimi was spying for US. as anchor before Saddam’s fall and after taking over Iraq’s intelligence service was always in phase with US. policies and recently refused to give information regarding the commanders assassination.
It is noteworthy that Iraq’s intelligence service is among departments established by US. during the occupancy and was always under influence of US.

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