Rahmatullah Nabil disclosed the plan to divide Afghanistan

Wednesday, 18 March 2020 - 16:14

Summary of Nabil speech, Afghan politician, regarding recent incidents of Afghanistan

– 280 Taliban militants to be freed soon have been arrested with explosive vests and other tools and the government did not consult with anyone regarding liberating them.
– Zalmy Khalilzad’s endeavors in Afghanistan are suspicious. On one hand USA supports security forces and pays Taliban on another hand.
– We are at the brink of an abyss. If it gets worse, there needs only a spark. The security forces might even confront among themselves.
In north of Afghanistan weapons were distributed and in case of crisis intensified and civil war, Afghanistan will divide into three parts.

This Pashtoon politician warned Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah regarding the tribal, political discords and civil war before.

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