IRGC readiness to answer US possible attacks!

Thursday, 23 April 2020 - 20:07

ISWNews Analysis Group: IRGC commander issued the order to confront any disturbance done by US terrorist armed forces in Persian Gulf and Oman Sea.

General Salami in his visit to Naze’at area at Persian Gulf coast, regarding USA recent threat said:
“We ordered the Navy units that if any vessel or troop of American terrorist armed forces wants to threaten any of our civil or military ships, to target it.
Donald Trump said that if any Iranian vessel gets close to American vessels, will be shot. But due to coronavirus pandemic, we see a chaos in Americans command hierarchy.
American warships made disturbance for our logistics ship by their unprofessional and dangerous behavior last week and when our vessels were patrolling in the sea, American warships showed unprofessional behavior hastily.”

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