Opinion: Achievement and consequences of launching military satellite Nour

Thursday, 23 April 2020 - 20:27

Successful launch of military satellite Nour and orbiting at 425 km around the earth was a shock to the maximum pressure campaign of USA whose sole purpose is to prevent Iran from military advances specially in missiles. This was the second slap after missile attack to Ain al Assad airbase to facilitate US evacuating the region.

After US coup in Iran in 1953, in which fleeing king returned back and republic administration of “Mosaddegh” was overturned, USA became the most influential player in Iran’s politics. US not only influenced Iran’s foreign policies, but also became Iran’s biggest economy and military partner. Iran started to buy numerous expensive weapons and pay for them with the money from oil export. It was almost a barter, oil for weapon.

From 60 km ranged missiles to satellite carrier rocket

US weapons had limits. Iranians could not do the maintenance specially the aircraft, since Iran was not supposed to receive the technology. Iran could not buy just any weapon, only the ones USA approves. For example Iran didn’t have permission to buy missiles with range of more than 60 km. The imposed weaknesses of Iran military capabilities showed themselves in Iraq invasion to Iran; Saddam could target Iran’s cities with missile. This big weakness made Iran to think about it once the war was over.

Launching of Nour satellite using Qased missile

USA and other powers could not imagine that time that the same Iran without any missile capabilities can launch its military satellite using indigenous satellite carrier.
Launching the first military satellite by IRGC is indeed the Iran’s biggest step to become a military power in the world. Some countries by buying satellite and launching it using other countries could have military and intelligence satellites before Iran but never received the high-tech of it. Since Iran has the technology, it is above those countries.

Achievements and consequences of launching Nour

In addition to scientific significance, it was a heavy blow to the maximum pressure campaign launched by USA to prevent Iran from military advances specially in missile field. It was confirmed by John Bolton, a hardcore American politician, who said it seems our pressure was not enough. It was also a warning to European countries which are not complying with their obligations in JCPOA.
It was also an answer to US allies in the region that are pressuring Iran by following US sanctions. In despite of all the pressure, the launch set Iran’s foot hold firmer in the region.

This satellite will enable Iran to monitor the threats coming to Iran. Iran can also monitor enemies activities in the region. By help of this satellite Iran and other members of the resistance axis will be benefited, since Iran never deprived the resistance axis from its assistances. Finally this launch was the second slap after missile attack to Ain al Assad to facilitate the exit of the fading superpower from the region.

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