Latest Updates on Afghanistan, 30 May 2020

Saturday, 30 May 2020 - 21:31

Latest news from the Afghanistan frontlines

1. Peace talk:
– Taliban assigned five person committee to talk with Afghanistan government regarding releasing prisoners.
– According to Hezbi Islami on Friday Afghanistan government released 164 prisoners of the party from Bagram and Pole Charkhi prisons.

2. Paktia:
Due to Taliban attack to border troops station in Dandepatan district, 14 security forces killed and three injured.

3. Sarepol:
31 Taliban militants surrendered after a conflict with security forces in Alerkachan village, Kuhistanat district. Four Taliban militants killed in the conflict.

4. Parwan:
Due to Taliban attack to security forces station in Siagard district seven died and one injured.

5. Badghis:
Mine blast killed three children, Maqar district.

6. Qandahar:
Explosion in Piro Kalacha area killed two and injured five.

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