Latest Updates on Libya, 1 June 2020
Africa, Libya, News 01 June 2020

Latest news from the Libya’s frontlines

1. Gharyan:
– LNA reclaimed Asabeah town again. LNA operation to reclaim Asabeah was being prepared since 25 May and started today around noon. GNA forces retreated without much resistance.
– GNA spokesperson claimed to drone attack to Asabeah and destroy three military vehicles of LNA.
– GNA drone attack to LNA in Arban killed nine.
– LNA warplanes bombed GNA positions in Gharyan.
– LNA claimed to shoot down a GNA drone in Asabeah.

– LNA artillery killed five civilians and injured seven in Mansourah area.
– GNA artillery bombed LNA positions in Tripoli airport. Three military vehicles of LNA were destroyed.
– GNA and LNA engagement continuing in Ramlah axis, west of airport and Kazirma axis, north of Tripoli airport.

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