Latest Updates on Libya, 2 June 2020 (Map Update)

Tuesday, 2 June 2020 - 18:10

Latest news from the Libya’s frontlines

1. Tripoli:
– GNA forces claimed to control Ramlah area in south of Tripoli.
– GNA forces advanced in Khallat axis until Bin Aoun triangle.
– LNA artillery struck Mitiga airport and Soq al-Juma.
– GNA forces launched new wave of attacks on Tripoli airport from the north and west.

2. Gharyan:
LNA warplanes struck GNA positions in Gharyan. It is said LNA operation in this axis will continue until occupying Gharyan.
– Due to LNA air strikes to Gharyan, three people died.
– GNA drones struck LNA positions in Asabeah. GNA spokesperson reported of targeting seven military vehicles and 12 soldiers of LNA in the Asabeah area.

3. Bani Walid:
GNA drones struck LNA positions near food processing factory near Bani Walid.

4. Misrata:
LNA drones struck GNA positions in Abu Qarin.

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