Latest Updates on Libya, 8 June 2020

Tuesday, 9 June 2020 - 11:12

Latest news from the Libya’s frontlines

1. Sirte:
– Mig-29 warplanes bombed GNA positions west of Sirte.
– A GNA drone was shot down south of Saddada.
– GNA warplanes bombed Ghardabiya airbase.
– LNA artillery and warplanes bombed GNA positions in Hisha and Washka.
– GNA forces lost 10 in LNA airstrikes.

2. Some media reported of transporting Egypt army equipment to Libya border. They claimed Egypt interfering in Libya.

3. GNA media claimed to kill 381 LNA forces since the recent operation in northwest of Libya started.

4. GNA media claimed 28th battalion support for GNA in Sabha city.

5. Chiefs and elders of tribes Tuareq in Obari town, southwest of Libya, show support for GNA in an statement.

6. Jabal Gharbi:
Following the GNA advances in south of Tripoli, the GNA captured Mezda, Tininai, Nasma, al-Asaba’ah, Qariyat and al-Shuwairif from the LNA.

Interactive map of Libya

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