Latest Updates on Libya, 27 June 2020
Africa, Libya, News 28 June 2020

1. GNA spokesman:
– Russian cargo planes have landed more than 11 times at al-Ghardhabiyah airport, south of Sirte. According to available information, the Russian planes were carrying Syrian mercenaries (Syrian government troops), weapons and ammunition.
– Russian troops (Wagner) have turned the al-Jufra base and airport into their command center.

2. Libya’s national oil company has expressed concern over the presence of Russian troops (Wagner) at the Al-Sharara oil field in southwestern Libya.
In recent days, some sources have reported that the GNA forces took control of the Al-Sharara oil field, which is not true.

3. The US Embassy in Libya has called for Libyan national oil company to be reactivated.

4. The foreign ministries of France, Italy and Germany called for an unconditional ceasefire between the two sides in Libya.


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