Black Army Uprising in America! + Video

Tuesday 7 July 2020 - 11:51

Forty days have passed since the beginning of the nationwide protests in the United States, and the protests have not only subsided, but we are witnessing an increase in tensions and the formation of new groups in this country.

On fourth of July, a new armed group, abbreviated NFAC, mostly former black military men, staged a military parade in Stone Mountain, Georgia.

Stone Mountain Park is one of the most popular gathering places for the KKK racist group in the United States, and the NFAC military parade in the area on July 4, on the American Independence Day, has clear messages for US officials.

Between 400 and 1,000 heavily armed militia are said to have taken part in the parade.
The group’s leader is John Jay Fitzgerald Johnson, known as “Master Jay” who was an independent candidate in the 2016 US presidential election.

NFAC leader Master Jay declined to say how long the group had been in operation, but said the group was made up of former military experts and did not want to talk or negotiate. They don’t sing song or bring any sign and flags to gunfights, and all of their acts will be done legally!

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  1. Thomas Scar says:

    Liberia is a country in West Africa which was founded by free people of color from the United States. That’s your wakanda you are most welcome to dismiss your selves from White America and take your claim of reparations over in liberia. We did not ask you to stay after we gave you freedom your ancestors chose to stay and practice Victim culture under White tolerance and Tolerance has run out.

    1. Jewel of God says:

      What you don’t realize is most black people have native American riots. So why go to Africa when america us their home

    2. Pappy says:

      Most Blacks in America didn’t come on slave ships because they were already in America as Aboriginal aka Native Americans .

    3. Nio says:

      Europe is yours yet you refuse to go back and Liberia ?? was land given to former slaves. The ones you actually took from Africa. I think you should ????? and go read Aboriginal America by Samuel George Morton MD after you read that learn to shut tf up.

    4. Mr Jhuda says:

      We don’t need woodpeckers opinions