US: Brutal shooting at black man increased the protests in US + Video and Images

Wednesday, 26 August 2020 - 12:49

About 90 days after vast protests started and only 70 days to presidential election in US, brutally shooting a black man in front of his children set the protests ablaze again.

Jacob Blake was fatally injured in Kenosha, Wisconsin, by seven bullets by US police. Due to the shooting his kidneys, liver, intestine, one hand and spine were critically damaged and due to the damage of spinal cord, he will be paralyzed until the end of his life.

This incident heated the protests again and Kenosha is completely in chaos. In the last three days many of federal buildings, stores, firefighting equipment, vehicles, etc. were set ablaze. US national guard dispatched to the city but even with curfew, the riots are still continuing. Some protesters are using firearms.

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