Latest Updates on Iraq, 9 November 2020

Monday 9 November 2020 - 09:38

ISWNews Analysis Group: The PKK terrorist group has issued a statement warning the entry of Iraqi Kurdistan region forces into areas under its control.

– Assassination of General Qassem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis will be investigated in Iraq’s parliament.

– PKK attack to Peshmarga forces close to Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) with one kill and several injured.
PKK: “Two bombs blasted en route Peshmarga forces in a IFV tried to enter one of our camps to stop them. We don’t promote war but if KDP has any activities we will defend ourselves.”

– Commander of Hashad Sha’abi, Abu Fadak visited Hashad Sha’abi forces who were injured due to gas pipe in Muthanna province blast.
Hashad Sha’abi spokesperson in the province: Gas pipeline explosion took place by a drone.
Four of Hashad Sha’abi forces martyred in this explosion.

– Ahdallah al-Islamiyah movement founded by Sayyid Hashim al-Heydari, an Iraqi scholar.

– ISIS attack to Iraq police station in south of Salahaddin province and one of Iraqi forces martyred.

– Several prominent members of ISIS terrorist group were arrested in Kirkuk and Najaf.

– Raad Muhsin Qazi, Mustafa Al Kadhimi counselor and former deputy of electricity minister, was arrested by counter corruption service.

– Media reported that Iraq government intents to retreat the police from Kirkuk and replace it with army.

– President Barham Saleh signed the new election law.

– Kataib Hizbollah warning to USA: “We accepted conditional ceasefire which was offered by Iraq government and foreign forces. It has to be taken seriously, Resistance forces announced their conditions, if not respected, we will confront severely.”

– Iraqi parliament condemned PKK attack to Peshmarga forces of PDK in Dohuk province which took place several days ago and called it violating sovereignty and security of Iraq.

– US statement: “USA condemns PKK terrorist group attacks to security forces of Iqlim Kurdistan.”

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