Latest Updates on Iraq, 14 November 2020

Saturday 14 November 2020 - 12:35

ISWNews Analysis Group: Several new equipment including IFVs worthy of 150 million dollars were donated to Pehmerga forces by USA in an official ceremony in Erbil.

– Roadside bomb blasted en route Iraq army caravan in Jurf al-Nasr area.

– Tens of people protested in Baghdad against American forces, demanding them to leave Iraq.

– A militant group announced in Iraq entitled “Ahl al-Maaruf” with mission of fighting with evil people and centers which sells alcoholic beverages.

– Iraq and Saudi Arabia joint committee launched to activate the bilateral agreements.
The members of the joint committee met with Mustafa Al Kadhimi, Iraqi PM, and talked about implementing the agreements and contracts.

– PKK leaders vehicle targeted by Turkey near Sinjar, west of Mosul.

– Iraqi armed forces vast operation to cleanse Makhul mountains in north of Saladdin province from ISIS terrorists.

– Martyrdom of five Hashad al-Ashaeri forces and six civilians due to ISIS attack in Redhwaniyah area, west of Baghdad.

– Hashad Shabi built an embankment of 120 km length and 3 m height at ‘Ar’ar border until Nakhib with Saudi Arabia.

– Targeting Iraqi army positions near Tal Manjal village, south of Khanaqin, Diyala province.

– Two Hashad Shabi and Iraqi police martyred and six Hashad Shabi forces injured in an explosion in Kirkuk province.

– Iqlim Kurdistan officials: “446 ISIS prisoners are kept in Iqlim prisons from which 398 are convicted in the court and 48 are freed due to lack of evidence. There are 29 teenagers and 23 women among them.”

– Several new equipment including IFVs worthy of 150 million dollars were donated to Pehmerga forces by USA in an official ceremony in Erbil.
On 16 September, in an official ceremony in Erbil in presence of US ambassador in Iraq, 250 million dollars of equipment were donated by USA to Pehmerga forces.

– Iraqi DM traveled to France on Friday to negotiate buying new weapons for the army. Iraq is after French Rafale fighter jets and long range missiles.

– Abdulamir Yarallah, Iraqi chief of staff, traveling to Saudi Arabia as head of a convoy.

– Iraqi forces operation “Labbayk ya Rasulallah” launched in deserts of west of Anbar province.

– Falih al-Fayyadh, commander of Hashad Shabi, traveling to Syria and meeting with Bashar Assad, president of Syria.

– Online meeting between Iraqi PM and Saudi Arabia crown prince regarding bilateral issues.

– Two ISIS terrorists killed in Redhwaniyah area, Baghdad.

– Mustafa Al Kadhimi phone call with Bahrain crown prince.

– Masrur Barzani, Iqlim Kurdistan PM, investigated bilateral relationship with US energy minister.

– Saudi Arabia decided to open a trade center in Iraq.

– Some media reported Iraqi DM plan to visit Iran.

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