The Fuah & Kafraya Buses Returns Passengerless to Aleppo.

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Last night, the buses which were stationed in Foua & Kafraya in order to evacuate the people of these towns, left the place with empty seats.

On April 10, according to the agreement, twenty bus have entered Foua & Kafraya in order to evacuate 1200-1500 people of these besieged towns, and in return, terrorists of “Tahrir Al-sham” and their families in the Yarmouk refuge camp, would be allowed to leave.

After two days, the operation of “Evacuating southern Damascus from Tahrir alsham”; also a number of kidnapped people of the Alawite village of “Eshtabraq”, were released; but in exchange of releasing only 18 people of Foua & Kafraya which were in a critical condition.


The main reason of the Foua & Kafraya people for refusing the evacuation of these towns, was the lack of security for their way out.

One of the most reliable sources in Foua & Kafraya mentioned that because of the lack of security of the roads to exit the towns, which were not met by the Russia & Turkey, in one hand, and the constant threats by the terrorists on killing shias, on the other hand, there is no garauntee that al-Rashedin tragedy won’t happen again.


“al-Rashedin tragedy:

On April 15 of 2017, the buses carrying the people of Foua & Kafraya were held for 48 hours in al-Rashedin region, and then targeted by terrorists suicide attack, leading to martyrdom of many Foua & Kafraya people, which most of them were children and women.”


So after seven days that buses entered Foua & Kafraya, regarding to not meeting the appropriate conditions for the evacuation of these besieged towns, from last night, the buses left these towns for Aleppo.



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