Latest updates on Afghanistan and Pakistan, 16 Dec 2020

Wednesday, 16 December 2020 - 21:06

Latest news from the Afghanistan fronts and Afghanistan-Pakistan peace talks

1- Peace talk
– Afghan government released 50 of Taliban prisoners from Bagram.
– Taliban rejected Ashraf Ghani’s proposal to move the negotiations from Qatar to Afghanistan.
– General Miller: Our forces number will reduce to 2,500 until 15 January.

2- Qandahar
– American warplanes bombed Taliban positions in Arghandab district. Taliban claims more than 13 civilians lost their lives due to air strikes. Above image.
– Muhammad Ebrahim, commander of security forces in Helmand-Qandahar road, was killed due to mine explosion on the same road.
– 20 Taliban insurgents were killed during an operation by Afghan Special Forces.

3- Army forces are besieged by Taliban in Ismail Khel in Jalriz district. Local sources reported of heavy engagement and their critical situation.

4- Qunduz
Taliban attack to security forces Qunduz suburbs.

5- Pakistan
– Due to terrorist explosion in Rawalpindi district 25 injured.
– Security forces arrested a terrorist of a banned terrorist group in Karachi.

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