Latest Updates on Afghanistan and Pakistan, 29 Dec 2020

Tuesday, 29 December 2020 - 22:02

Latest news from Afghanistan fronts and terrorist attack on Pakistan border checkpoint

1- Ghazni:
– Taliban kidnapped 15 civilians on Ghazni-Jaghori road.
– Unidentified gunmen assassinated two government employees in Ghazni.

2- Qandahar:
The Afghan Air Force bombed Taliban positions south of Panjwai.

3- Farah:
One person was killed and two others were injured when a Taliban car bomb exploded in Anar Dara district.

4- Daykundi:
A bomb blast at the Gizab police headquarters killed 18 security personnel.

5- Kabul:
– Six people were injured in a terrorist explosion in the Kabul’s PD7 district.
– Also another terrorist explosion took place in the Kabul’s PD5 district that did not cause any casualties.

6- Parwan:
One person was injured in an explosion on the convoy carrying the Parwan prosecutor in Gholam Ali Bazaar near Bagram. The prosecutor survived.

7- Ahmad Zia Siraj, Afghanistan’s director of national security: Over the past year, more than 18,200 attacks, including the detonation of magnetic mines, have been launched in Afghanistan, with the Taliban responsible for 99% of these attacks. A total of 6,100 people have been arrested in the past year.

8- Pakistan:
Seven Pakistani soldiers were killed when unknown individuals attacked a border checkpoint in the Harnai area of ​​Balochistan province.

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