Bombing 300 targets in Gaza Strip and 50 operations in Syria in 2020 by Israel

Saturday, 2 January 2021 - 20:41

ISWNews Analysis Group: Israeli army released annual report that bombed 300 targets in Gaza Strip and launched 50 operations in Syria.

According to the report the Zionist air force performance is as follows:
1,400 sorties of warplanes
400 sorties of helicopters
35 thousand hours flight of drones

According to Hebrew media, 176 missiles fired from Gaza Strip to occupied lands and Zionist towns, 90% hit open and non residential areas.

The Zionist Regime announced that they launched 50 operations against Syria including artillery and air strikes. 23 confirmed strikes by Zionist Regime are shown by ISWNews Analysis Group in the map.

Click to see the full size map
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