Qatar and four Arabic countries discord ended

Thursday, 7 January 2021 - 20:04

ISWNews Analysis Group: Persian Gulf Cooperation Council signed an act to end the sanctions on Qatar and end the crisis in their relations.

Following USA mediation and initial agreement between Qatar and Saudi Arabia to end the crisis and siege, Qatar Emir travelled to Saudi Arabia to participate in PGCC summit and Bin Salman welcomed him.

During the meeting of Saudi prince crown and Qatar Emir regarding the bilateral relations and expanding the cooperations and it is said the aerial, maritime and ground sieges on Qatar are lifted.

Jared Kushner, US president top counselor in Middle East affair and some other American politicians participated in PGCC meeting as well.
Saudi crown prince proclaimed again in the summit that Iran is a threat to the world’s peace and security and demanded to limit Iran’s missile capabilities.

The crisis of Persian Gulf states started in June 2017 during which Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE and Bahrain cut their diplomatic means and closed their horses with Qatar due to close relations with Iran and supporting terrorism and assigned difficult conditions for Qatar to end the crisis.
Qatar rejected all of the accusations and demanded claim for damages of the economic sanction.

P.S. The reason to end the crisis can be explained in two points:
1- Saudi Arabia senses danger from Iran in the possible absent of USA in the region. USA domestic situation is in chaos and Arabic countries foresee that if Biden comes to power, democrats will resume negotiations with Iran and their power is lowered against Iran.
2- The possibility of war with Iran has increased recently and to unite the Arabic world, pressuring Iran and normalizing relations with Israel, Qatar should be in the Saudi-Zionist Regime front. Kushner mediation in this situation shows this point.

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