What is Iran’s purpose to build Makran Forward Base Ship? + Images

Tuesday, 12 January 2021 - 18:57

Makran Forward Base was built to provide logistics for long time in the open seas. This ship in addition to Khark logistics ship and Rudaki Forward Base enables Iran to have continuous presence in Indian Ocean, Arab Sea and Gulf of Aden.

This vessel can deliver fuel to other vessels and conveying food, water, medicine, humanitarian aids and weapons.

Makran can bring helicopters, drones and fast boats. With capabilities such as sailing in free seas, fighting with pirates, mine sweeping and anti-submarine can provide support for a large portion of Iran’s transportation fleet. In addition Makran has hospital and can provide maintenance for other vessels.

The main purpose of Makran Forward Base is to provide support for Iran’s commercial fleet, which is very critical for Iran since Iran doesn’t have insurance for its commercial naval fleet.

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