Latest updates on Afghanistan and Pakistan, 20 January 2021

Wednesday, 20 January 2021 - 14:33

1- Qandahar
Following heavy conflict between the Army and Taliban in fronts of Arghandab, Panjwai and Maiwand 27 of Taliban members killed and 12 injured. A position and some equipment of Taliban destroyed in the conflict.
– Due to Taliban and the army conflict in Nahre Seraj town 12 of Taliban militants killed.

2- Helmand
Muhammad Zaher Haqyar, governor of Washir district in Helmand , was killed during unknown individuals attack in first district of Lashgar Gah.(image)

3- Zabul
Due to army and Taliban conflict in Arghandab district, north of Qalat town, capital of Zabul province, five Taliban militants killed and two wounded. Nevertheless, Qalat town is under Taliban all aspect attacks.

4- Badakhshan
Due to fall of a people’s immobilization station by Taliban, four of these forces martyred and six wounded and captured.

5- Qunduz
Due to Taliban and the army conflict in Dashte Archi and Bagh Sherkat area, 15 Taliban members killed and 12 wounded and 4 of army soldiers killed.

6- Badghis
In Taliban attack to the army positions in Maqar and Qades districts, seven of Taliban militants killed and five wounded.

7- Baghlan
Due to Taliban attack to one of security forces station in Baghlan-Samangan road, eight security forces killed and two injured and two are missing.

8- Uruzgan
Due to explosion of a bike in Trinkot district ten wounded.

9- NATO reported of keeping ten thousand forces for training purposes. NATO officials stated it is to support, train and consult Afghanistan government.

10- Mohammad Hanif Atmar, Afghanistan FM, travelled to Saudi Arabia to meet with the officials and talk about the role of Islamic world on the Afghanistan peace plan.

11- Pakistan
Due to Pakistan army attack to Taliban terrorist group of Pakistan in North Waziristan area, two terrorists killed and one arrested.

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