Latest Updates on Syria, 26 January 2021

Tuesday, 26 January 2021 - 21:23

ISWNews Analysis Group: ISIS terrorists attacked a Syrian Army bus in Shola area; three soldiers martyred and 10 wounded.

– SDF besieged several neighborhoods in Hasakah town preventing civilian cars, containers of water, food and supplies to enter for the 12 consecutive days. Tensions between SDF and Syrian army after Russia mediation is still high.

– Unknown armed individuals assassinated Mahmoud al-Qatu, employee of Deir Ezzor council in Hawaej village.

– Syrian Army targeted Turkey-backed militants in south of Idlib.

– A new Turkish army convoy of military equipment entered Idlib from Kafr Lusin border.

– Sources reported there was a severe explosion in Tal Abyadh town, which is ruled by Turkey-backed militants. It occured in a market; three killed and seven injured. No details given.

– In Russian warplanes air raids to ISIS positions in Syria desert 13 terrorists killed.

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