Syrian Army enters the town of Tafas

Thursday, 11 February 2021 - 23:27

ISWNews Analysis Group: On February 12, the Syrian Army units reportedly entered the town of Tafas in the northwestern province of Daraa to provide security.

“Syrian Army forces have been deployed in different areas of Tafas and are setting up checkpoints to stabilize the security in the town and pave the way for the return and start of all government institutions,” said a SANA correspondent in Tafas.

Informed sources say that the engineering forces of the Syrian Army have been investigating and clearing the town of Tafas and its suburbs from traps and explosive bombs for several days so that there will be no problem for people and civilians to return to their homes.

The town of Tafas, along with other towns such as Dael, Muzayrib, Telshahab, Yadoudah, Sidon, and…, are among the areas that joined the national reconciliation during the Syrian Army’s large-scale operation to liberate the occupied territories in the south of the country. In recent months, Tafas has witnessed assassinations and bombings against Syrian Army forces and former militants who have joined the process of domestic reconciliation, and the Syrian Army has taken steps with Russian mediation to create security and prevent further insecurity.

This afternoon, however, sources close to the militants claim that Syrian Army forces are retreating from the town of Tafas in the northwestern province of Daraa. The situation in the area still remains tense.

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