Latest Updates on Taiz Front, 3 April 2021

Saturday, 3 April 2021 - 20:12

ISWNews Analysis Group: Ansar Allah continues to attack and advance towards the Taiz-Aden road.

According to the latest news from Ansar Allah operation in the east of Taiz province, Al-Ahkum area has been cleared, including Najd Al-Ahkum, Saqol Al-Ahkum, Soq Mosalla Al-Ahkum, Al-Ahjum and several other areas from the control of the Saudi-led forces. With the liberation of these areas, the Taiz-Aden road is under pressure from Ansar Allah, and in the coming days, Ansar Allah can cut off this important road and put Mansour Hadi’s forces in Taiz city in serious danger.

If Ansar Allah continues to advance towards the Taiz-Aden road, the areas of Soq al-Rabu, Sharaf, Al-Hasahes, Al-Torbeh, as well as Al-Kadra Al-Qadas and Al-Qadas can be important and suitable points for stabilizing the advances.

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