How drone operations change the tide in Iraq’s war?

Author: ISWNews
Tuesday 20 April 2021 - 19:34

Iraqi Resistance groups’ drone operations against US forces in recent days turned the tide in the conflict against USA in west of Asia.

The important point in Iraqi Resistance groups attacks against American soldiers in Erbil airport on April 15 and Ain Al Asad Airbase on April 16 is using drones. However, there is a history of using drones by the Resistance groups and Uthbat al-Thaerin group released footages of US embassy in Iraq which was captured by a drone on April 3, 2020. Nevertheless, using drone against American soldiers caught them by surprise.

When the enemy is in your lands, the best tactic is guerilla warfare which has been used in many wars such as Vietnam and second world wars efficiently.
Among the guerilla warfare used in Iraq in the past year were rocket attacks and hit and run attacks on US logistical convoys and bases.

These small attacks might look useless at first but in long term they are useful. Target, result, number, range of these attacks are among the parameters should be taken into account in guerilla warfare in Iraq. Investigating the results of these attacks show US heavy damage which can serve the mission of Iraqi Resistance groups to reject US from Iraq.

We can see it in Yemen, where Ansar Allah used its strength in guerilla warfare against Saudi coalition and could stop the coalition in the sixth year which also causes UAE and Sudanese forces to retreat from Yemen due to heavy casualties followed by Ansar Allah advances in provinces Al-Jawf, Ma’rib, Al-Baydha, Saadah and Al-Dhaleh.

Now the question is that how drone attacks turn the tide in Iraq?

Drones are used in Yemen due to high precision in targeting the enemy’s positions and this is more important in Iraq. Since US air supremacy in Iraq makes it easy for them to discover the rocket attacks which limits Iraqi groups.
The drone attacks are among the best attack and forget tactics which provides high mobility and reduces the preparation time which dazzles the enemy, i.e., USA.

Increasing drone attacks in Iraq imposes more damages to USA and finally accelerates USA exit from Iraq which is the Resistance groups’ primary mission. It will be more clear in near future!

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