Taliban captured Gusfandi district in Sar-e Pol

Tuesday, 15 June 2021 - 22:03

ISWNews Analysis Group: Popular mobilization forces and elders of the Masjed-e Sabz met with Taliban envoys and agreed to leave the control of the area if no militants of Taliban comes to the area.

According to ISWNews local sources, popular forces in other areas of Sar-e Pol province retreated to Balkhab district. Taliban is advancing toward Dare Zari, Amrakh, Maghzaz and Posht-e Gardaneh and if occupy them, Balkhab district will be sieged from three directions by Taliban.

From the seven districts in Sar-e Pol province only two districts, i.e., Balkhab district and the Sar-e Pol capital are in the hand of government and popular forces.

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