Hezbollah rocket attacks Shebaa Farms!

Friday 6 August 2021 - 12:20

ISWNews Analysis Group: Hezbollah fired several rockets at Shebaa Farms in northern Palestine in response to recent Israeli attacks on southern Lebanon.

Hezbollah movement fired more than ten 122 mm rockets at open lands in the vicinity of the Israeli positions in Shabaa Farms. The movement issued a statement calling the rocket attack a response to recent airstrikes by Israeli warplanes on the areas of Jarmaq and Shawakir in southern Lebanon.

After firing Hezbollah rockets, the Israeli Iron Dome Defense System also countered the attack and shot down more than eight rockets. Israeli Army artillery also targeted the source of rocket fire in Lebanon.

The artillery duels has so far left no casualties, and only Hezbollah rockets has resulted in limited fires in the occupied territories.

The conflict between Hezbollah and the Israeli regime has entered into serious tension and military confrontation for the first time since the 33-day war in 2006. This tension is not unrelated to the recent Western and Zionist threats against Iran…

Confrontation of the Israeli regime’s defense systems with the rockets fired from Lebanon
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