Targeted assassinations by Turkey continue in Iraq and Syria

Sunday 22 August 2021 - 07:09

ISWNews Analysis Group: Turkish drones targeted a YPG vehicle on the Qamishli-Amuda road in northeastern Syria, killing two YPG members.

On August 19, Turkish drones targeted a vehicle belonging to YPG forces on the Qamishli-Amuda road, killing a member of the YPG Military Council and Renas Roj (Salahuddin Shahabi), a field commander of the YPG forces.

On August 16, Turkish drones targeted a vehicle belonging to Hashad al-Shaabi (PMU) and Kurdish groups in Sinjar, west of Iraq’s Nineveh province. In this attack, Saeed Hassan Saeed, a former Yazidi commander of the YBS, who had joined Hashad al-Shaabi in the form of the 80th Brigade in recent months, was martyred and three others were wounded.

Turkey continues to carry out assassinations against Kurdish forces in Iraq and Syria, sending a message to regional parties that it is determined to fight what it calls PKK terrorism, and Kurdish forces integration into other organizations will not change the Turkey’s behavior.

Rênas Roj, YPG commander killed by Turkish drone
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