The Council of Shiite Scholars called for the establishment of an Islamic system in Afghanistan

Tuesday, 24 August 2021 - 15:33

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Council of Shiite Ulema of Afghanistan in its meeting today called for the formation of an inclusive government based on the Islamic system.

The meeting of the Council of Shiite Scholars of Afghanistan was held today during a gathering at the Khatam al-Nabiin seminary in Kabul.

The summary of the statement of the Shiite scholars of Afghanistan in this meeting, which was read by Sayyed Hossein Alami Balkhi, is as follows:

“In order to get out of the current crisis, a new government must be formed as soon as possible.
The formation of a comprehensive government in agreement with the various factions, on the one hand, solves the problems in the country, and on the other hand, the presence of elites of all ethnicities in the formation of the government, provides the ground for better development and service to the people.
The Council of Shiite Ulema of Afghanistan is ready to cooperate with the Taliban movement in forming a new government if the legal requirements are met.
According to the order of the Prophet (PBUH), the Taliban movement must make every effort to protect the lives, property and human dignity of its citizens.
In the current situation where the people are suffering from poverty, the new government must work on creating jobs and reducing the current calamities.
We welcome the announcement of a general amnesty by the Taliban, but some wrongdoing has been carried out by irresponsible individuals, and the Taliban movement must prosecute them seriously in order to gain the trust of the people.
After the formation of the government, efforts should be made to hold elections so that all citizens have the right to be elected and to vote without discrimination.
Reconstruction of war-torn areas, economic growth and the implementation of development projects, the fight against corruption and the prevention of narcotics cultivation should be among the government’s priorities.
There should be no law against the beliefs of the people. Also, human and international human rights treaties should be observed to the extent that they do not contradict religious values.
Freedom of religions and sects, considering religions in the formation of the Supreme Judicial Council, creating special courts for Jafari jurisprudence, protecting the rights of women and children according to Sharia law, providing education for the country’s children are other demands of the Council of Shiite Scholars of Afghanistan.
Citizens are urged to refrain from illegal immigration as well as gather around Kabul airport and stay in the country to build a better future.”

Mohammad Akbari; The second deputy of the Council of Shiite Scholars also emphasized the formation of a comprehensive Islamic system, with the full participation of all ethnic groups of Sunni and Shiite religions.

The Council of Shiite Scholars of Afghanistan is a council that was established in 2003 at the initiative and effort of the late Ayatollah “Mohammad Asif Mohseni” and several other Afghan scholars in Kabul and currently has more than 65 delegations and more than 2,000 members. Religious scholars are all over Afghanistan. This council is active in various cultural and other sectors, seminaries, scientific research, approximation of Islamic religions, seminary women, deprived areas, and the Peace and Dispute Resolution Council.

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