More Than a Thousand Electoral Area’s Votes are Abolished.

Wednesday, 30 May 2018 - 22:08

Islamic World News Analysis Group: The IHEC announced that it has abolished 1021 electoral areas votes.

According to IHEC after investigating about the complaints from different parties by the “legal and technical committee, the votes of 102 electoral in 10 provinces are abolished, including:

1. 7 electoral areas in Erbil
2. 51 electoral areas in Al-Anbar
3. 17 electoral areas in Baghdad
4. 11 electoral areas in Salah Al-Din
5. 16 electoral areas in Neynava


Also this commission announced that after investigating 2000 electoral areas in different provinces of Iraq, another 852 electoral areas are abolished too, including:

72 electoral areas in Erbil,

50 in Al-Anbar,

96 in Sulaimania,

6 in Baghdad,

224 in Dahok,

2 in Diyali,

36 in Salah Al-Din,

179 in Nineveh,

and 186 in Kirkuk.


Also according to the announced results, 67 other electoral areas in Germany, Jordan, United States of America, Sweden, Britain and Turkey abolished by this Commission.


It also needs mentioning that yesterday, Iraq parliament approved abolishing the foreign and displaced votes, except Al-Anbar province, and counting the 10% of results of the election with hands.

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