US will deploy a special drone unit in Persian Gulf

Thursday 9 September 21 - 14:46

ISWNews Analysis Group: To counter the Iranian threat in the Persian Gulf, the US military has ordered the deployment of a special drone unit in its Fifth Fleet.

The US military has accused Iran of creating tensions and launching naval and submarine attacks in the Persian Gulf, announcing the deployment of a special drone unit at the US Fifth Fleet base on the island of Bahrain.
This special drone unit will include ground-to-air drones, special surface-to-sea drones and submarines, which will be sent to the Persian Gulf to monitor sea routes in the sky and under the sea.

The US illegal presence in the Persian Gulf and the repeated British and Israeli interventions against Iranian oil tankers and merchant ships in international waters have led Iran and the Axis of Resistance into a serious confrontation in the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea and Mediterranean, which has yielded important results.

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