Syria: Turkish Army Convoy Enters North of Raqqah

Wednesday 27 October 21 - 20:50

ISWNews Analysis Group: Following the escalation of tensions in northern Syria, a Turkish military convoy entered the city of Tel Abyad in the northern province of Raqqa.

While Turkey’s new operation is expected to start in the following weeks, yesterday a Turkish army convoy entered Tal Abyad. It included M60 tanks, ACV-15 AACVs and logistical equipment entered from Akçakale town, Şanlıurfa Province province in Turkey.

As tensions and exchanges of fire continue between Turkish-backed militants and Kurdish militias, Turkish-backed militants have made significant movements along the Kurdish contact lines in Afrin near Sheikh Isa, Maranaz, Tal Rafat and the Minnagh military airport, and Syrian Army dispatched equipment and reinforcement to the Tal Rafat area on the northern outskirts of Aleppo.

Inhabitants of Tal Rafat also gathered demanding leave of Turkish militia from Syria and to fight back Ankara’s assault and condemned Turkish army and militia’s attacks to residential areas.

It is noteworthy that Turkish parliament passed a bill to allow the army to continue its presence in Iraq and Syria. According to this bill Turkish Army can operate for two more years in Iraq and Syria.

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